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Plastic containers are containers made exclusively or partially of plastic. . The entire packaging industry heavily depends on plastic containers or containers with some plastic content (e.g. plastic coating or when made of composite material), besides paperboard and other materials. Food storage nowadays relies mainly on plastic food storage containers.

Our Distinguish Product

Supply The Best Double Walled PE construction & Injected with Polyurethane foam for Better isothermal capacity.

Goliath Tubs insulated containers with Double Walled PE construction & Injected with Polyurethane foam insulation are one of the strongest containers available on the market. Fish tub guarantee the highest standards of hygiene and product safety. They are handy for tasks that require items of high strength and high load capacity. Completely enclosed design, smooth and perfectly shaped surface, drainage holes allow to keep the product clean and to meet all strict hygienic requirements. Due to the fact that the Fish tub are made from one type of raw material they are extraordinarily stable and fully recyclable. 

Skyblue and grey color insulated fish box
Why choose us

Light-Weight And Flexible​

It is very flexible used for packaging goods

high thermal resistance

reshaped due to the high temperature range

100 % Shock Resistance

Resistant to shocks ensuring safety of the components of container


It is very Durable used for packaging goods

Product Safety

Reshaped due to the high temperature range


It can be recycled thus it is enviorment friendly.

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GoliathTubs is a company specialising in the production and distribution of professional plastic packagings for storage and transport. Thanks to our commitment and perseverance, in less than 20 years.

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